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 Francisco Ximenes de Texada, of the venerable language of Aragon, Grand Prior of Navarre and Seneschal to Pinto, was elected to succeed his late chief on 28th January 1773. The brief rule of this Grand Master marked by a succession of disorders and by a general feeling of discontent, not only within the Convent, but also among the people. Although a man who had gained a high reputation for his bravery, he rendered himself most unpopular by the arrogance of his bearing and the obstinacy of his character. Before to long he became involved in so many disputes that the island was thrown into a state of the utmost confusion.

In addition to the unpopularity of the Grand Master, the restrictions imposed upon those indulging in field sports. The suppression of various important appointments in the University and the proposed taxation of bread, were among the many causes of dissatisfaction which unfortunately led to the revolt of the 1st September 1775. This rebellion would undoubtedly have had very serious results had not the Order besought the intervention of Monsignor Pellerano, then Bishop of Malta. Ever submissive to ecclesiastical authority, the insurgents, on the appeal of their pastor, laid down their arms and tranquillity once more restored.

Ximenez died on the 9th November 1775, at the age of seventy-two, after an unfortunate reign of two years.

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