Emmanuel de Rohan 6 Tari 1780 Reverse

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Other 6 Tari dates Vallete No Date - 1723 - 1739 - Pinto No Date (Medal) - 1776 - 1778 (Medal) - 1780

RevR10 1780 RS052 RevR11 1780 RS not listed
1- Die maker's dot
2- Olive is close to edge
1- Die maker's dot
2- Olive far from edge
RevR12 1780 RS RevR13 1780 RS

1- Die maker's dot below V
2- 2 olive far apart
3- Olive on a long stem

1- Small die maker's dot
2- 2 olive are close
3- Olive on a short stem

Fake coins were minted for use as souvenirs during the British period. These coins are easily identified by their good quality as they were minted using dies that were made with equipment not invented until many decades after the Knights left Malta. Note the uniformity of the design and inscription and the absents of the Celator's dots.