06 Jean de la Vallete – Provence 21st August 1557 – 21st August 1568

 Gold  Zucchini

06-001wp  06-004wp

Silver 6 Tarì

06-006awp  06-006bwp

Silver 4 Tarì – Saint John the Baptist Standing  

06-012vwp 06-012wp 06-014wp 06-4t-73x20wp

Silver 4 Tarì – Saint John’s head on an oval charger

06-022vwp 06-022vbwp 06-022vcwp 06-023-035wp06-028wp06-030wp06-033wp06-035wp06-035bwp

Silver 4 Tarì – Saint John’s head on an round charger

06-037wp 06-040wp 06-043wp 06-039vwp 06-044bwp 06-044wp 06-061wp

Silver 3 Tarì 

06-062wp 06-068wp

Silver 2 Tarì 

06-074wp 06-080wp 06-082wp 06-083wp

Silver Tarì 

06-090wp 06-090-093wp

Silver Carlino


Copper 4 Tarì 


Copper 2 Tarì 


Copper Tarì 

06-113wp 06-114-116wp

Copper Carlino


Copper Cinquina

06-125-126wp 06-125wp 06-127wp

Copper Picciolo

06-130wp 06-132wp 06-138wp

01-adam-portrait3 02-ponte-portrait3 03-jaille-portrait3 04-omedes-portrait3 05-sengle-portrait3Arrow Left06-vallete-portrait3Arrow Right07-monte-portrait3 08-cassiere-portrait3 09-verdalle-portrait3 10-garzes-portrait3 11-alofwignacourt-portrait3 12-vasconcellos-portrait3 13-paule-portrait3 14-castellar-portrait3 15-radin-portrait3 16-gessan-portrait3 17-rcotoner-portrait3 18-ncotoner-portrait3 19-carafa-portrait3 20-adrienwignacourt-portrait3 21-roccaful-portrait3 22-zondadari-portrait3 23-vilhena-portrait3 24-despuig-portrait3 25-pinto-portrait3 26-texada-portrait3 27-rohan-portrait3 28-hompesch-portrait3

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