25 Emmanuel Pinto – Castile, Leon and Portugal 18th January 1741 – 23rd January 1773

Gold 4 Zecchini no date


Gold 2 Zecchini no date


Gold Zecchino no date

25-018wp 25-020wp

Gold 20 Scudi 1764
25-022wp 25-028wp 25-027 25-20S-06M06wp

Gold 20 Scudi 1765


Gold 20 Scudi 1772


Gold 10 Scudi 1756

25-034bwp 25-034wp 25-035wp 25-035bwp25-036wp25-037wp 25-038 25-10S-03N03wp

Gold 10 Scudi 1761

25-043wp 25-039wp 25-041wp

Gold 10 Scudi 1762

25-044wp  25-045cwp 25-045wp 25-046wp 25-047wp

Gold 10 Scudi 1763

25-048wp 25-049wp25-050wp25-051wp 25-049bwp25-10S-30N23wp

Gold 5 Scudi

25-052wp  25-054wp 25-5s-04x01wp 25-054bwp 

 Silver 30 Tarì 1756

25-062ewp 25-062dwp 25-062cwp 25-062bwp 25-062awp 25-061wp 25-061ewp 25-061dwp 25-058awp 25-058bwp 25-058cwp 25-060bwp 25-060wp 25-061bwp 25-061cwp

Silver 30 Tarì 1757

25-064vbwp 25-064vcwp 25-064vwp 25-065bwp 25-065vwp 25-065wp 25-066ewp 25-066fwp 25-066gwp 25-066hwp 25-066iwp 25-066wp 25-067awp 25-067bwp 25-067dwp 25-067ewp 25-067fwp 25-067gwp 25-067hwp 25-067iwp 25-067jwp 25-067kwp 25-067lwp 25-067mwp 25-067vwp 25-068wp 25-069awp 25-069bwp 25-069dwp 25-069ewp 25-070wp 25-071wp 25-072bwp 25-072cwp 25-072dwp 25-072wp

Silver 30 Tarì 1758

25-075wp 25-075bwp

Silver 30 Tarì 1759

25-076bwp 25-076wp 25-077wp25-30t-52m50-rs079wp 

Silver 30 Tarì 1761

25-080bwp 25-080vwp 25-080wp 25-082bwp 25-082wp 25-083cwp 25-083dwp 25-083ewp 25-083fwp 25-085bwp 25-085cwp 25-085dwp 25-085ewp 25-085wp 25-086wp 25-087awp 25-087bwp 25-088wp 25-089bwp 25-089wp

Silver 30 Tarì 1768

25-091bwp 25-091awp 25-090ewp 25-090dwp 25-090bwp 25-090awp

Silver 2 Scudi 1741


Silver 15 Tarì 1756

25-097awp 25-097dwp 25-097vawp 25-097vcwp 25-097ewp

Silver 15 Tarì 1757

25-098vwp 25-098wp 25-099wp 25-100wp 25-098bwp

Silver 15 Tarì 1759

25-101awp 25-102wp 25-103vbwp 25-103vwp 25-103wp 25-104bwp 25-104wp 25-105wp

Silver 15 Tarì 1761

25-109wp 25-111wp 25-113wp

Silver 15 Tarì 1764

25-114wp 25-117vwp 25-117wp

Silver 15 Tarì 1769

25-118wp 25-119vwp 25-119wp 25-120wp

Silver 15 Tarì 1772

25-121wp 25-122wp 25-123wp

Silver Scudo 1741


Silver Scudo 1764

25-130awp 25-131wp

Silver 6 Tarì / Medal no date


Silver 4 Tarì no date

25-134wp 25-137wp 25-138wp 25-135wp

Silver 4 Tarì 1741


Silver 4 Tarì 1756


Silver 4 Tarì 1757

25-144wp 25-145wp

Silver 4 Tarì 1768


Silver 2 Tarì 1741

25-149awp 25-150wp

More to come



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