Study of the Coins of the Knight of Malta

I started on my study over 6 years ago. Initially my intention was to list all the different varieties of the 30 Tari coins. By 2013 I had finish the 30 Tari study and had catalogued over 230 different varieties. This was over 100 varieties more than had previously been listed.

I then decided to expand my study to include every coin minted by the Knight during their stay in Malta 1530 to 1798, In 2013 I visited many of the major museum in Europe and Photographed about 3000 coins.

I have recently completed the basic work on the coins for the Grand Masters Adrien Wignacourt to Hompesch 1692 -1798 and am about to re visit the major museums in Europe to photograph more coins. I’m sure I’ll be finding many more new varieties.


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10 thoughts on “Study of the Coins of the Knight of Malta

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have a very simple question: what is the finness of the 1790 30 Tari coin? I have found and old publication stating that it is 10 Carates (10/12=0,833), at another place 0,900? was published. What is the truth?
    With kind regards

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer. I do know that the Knights during their stay in Malta used silver from various sources including melting down crockery and cutlery to mint coins. They were not known for their minting skills.

  2. I have a small collection of about 100 coins from various grandmasters and different denominations. Nothing of great value, but you are welcome to access them if you visit Malta.
    I’m afraid that I never got the chance to photograph them.
    Regards and congratulations on your lovely collection.

    1. G’day Colin,
      I am visiting Malta in November, I have an appointment to photograph the remaining coins that I haven’t as yet photographed at the National Museum of Malta. I will be staying in Floriana. Could you please email me your phone number to and I will contact you to arrange a meeting.

  3. Hello,

    Just messaging regarding the gold zecchino coin on eBay. A fantastically detailed website you have, I will certainly keep you in mind for any interesting Maltese pieces I acquire. Sorry didn’t realise the obverse picture was not coming up, if you reply to this message at my email address I can email you a photo as I just tried to add another photo to the listing but was unable to.

    Many Thanks

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